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Yesterday I flew!

I had one of those blissful Sundays yesterday that was filled with yoga and time with great people. Fabulous...

I was invited to participate in a two hour AcroYoga jam in a park under the glorious sun and with fellow teachers and yogis with crazy practices. I've never done AcroYoga before but a new friend Josh said I'd love it after we played together in another yoga jam at a shared friend's house last week. Last week was Sake and yoga (I've never laughed so hard doing yoga) and we all had such a grand time I think it will be a regular thing. Get a group of yogis together, give them some Sake and let them loose and amazing things happen. We all need to play more. Play is divine!

So there I was flying yesterday. Yes, FLYING. AcroYoga is a combination of yoga, Thai massage and acrobatics. I spent a lot of time being lifted up in the air and doing yoga poses with nothing more than a pair of feet keeping me up. I went for it and tried everything. I even tried basing (being the person on the ground lifting the flyer) and realized how strong my legs have become. Have I mentioned how much I love yoga? Yoga rocks, yo.

After two hours of play I headed home and taught my restorative yoga class. I had my students do some partner stretches I've learned over the past week and even showed them some of what I did whilst playing yesterday. I also gave them a lot of massage and I must confess, I get as much joy out of it as they do. Touch is so healing...

I love my students. They are just wonderful and delicious people. One of them, my girl Rashmi, brought a mask for us to use and we headed off to the sauna for some masking, girl talk and heat. What an utterly perfect day. Man, sometimes I just feel so damn blessed.

A friend took pictures of us all doing AcroYoga and he's e-mailing them to me. Pictures to come!

So, the lesson I have learned over this past week has been that in surrendering, in letting go and learning to trust not only myself but the person I am partnered with in yoga (and this can extend to a lover as well), I break through barriers and walls and become more fearless and therefore more ME. Surrender is a beautiful thing.


Photos below


That's ME flying!


That's me in Down Dog with someone in Scorpion on me


Group fun


Dog flying!


View from below of us flying

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Wow this looks like so much fun! My few attempts at physical theatre and acrobatics were a long time ago and I HATED it, but this looks awesome. Mixing the trust element of yoga probably makes it so much better.

Kathy Bray:

Yes, it takes a lot of trust and letting go to get up there and fly! I think I'm just at a place in my life where trying new things and taking risks is the only way to go.

And Anusara yoga, which is what I teach and practice, is all about play and opening and creativity. All good stuff...

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