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Event chick on the road!

That's me.

I'm back in LA for one day to teach a yoga class and grab a few more things I need to ride out this event. I've survived the first three nights out in the high desert and the first two full days of the event. It's looking sweet...


I have my room away from the rest of the staff except for the kitchen manager who is my partner in crime. I don't hang out with my staff as I like to keep things separate and I need to set an example. I also need them to know I'm the one they have to answer to and that
I am watching them. I do hang with the chefs though and had Sushi out with them last night. We had an absolute blast. It was me and six men. My kind of math!

I'm the chick back in her room early every night lighting her candles and taking a nice hot bath. I know the staff is in party mode (people get crazy when they go on location. It's like Spring freakin' break!) and I know tomorrow I'll have to gather everybody together and have THE TALK. They're a good great of people though and I want them to have some fun. There are limits though. No partying in the hallways of the hotel people! I don't want calls from the front desk telling me I've got to kick some staff butt. Here's hoping.

Our location is just beautiful. We're on a lake in the middle of nowhere using a set that was built for the event. The weather has been just fabulous. The client and the journalists have been really easy to deal with and it truly does seem that everyone is going out of their way to help out in any way possible. I really can't complain. This is a seriously cush gig.

OK, I did have to let someone go yesterday and that was rather involved and tricky. It was handled and now some bad jiu-jiu that was permeating the event has been cleaned away. I see another situation on the horizon so I'm preparing myself for that conversation. I have no tolerance for whiny people who act up and then act out. It brings everyone down. They gotta go, yo!

Off to Trader joes to stock up for the week. I asked someone who works in the hotel where the local Trader Joe's was. She said, "what's that?"

Aye Chihuahua...

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Hesperia sounds like a pleasant surprise! Who would have thought?


Glad you checked in! But judging from that photo, that is so not what I was thinking when you said you were going to the desert -- I no longer feel pity at all for you ;-) Breathe, and have fun with that wonderful relax time you're doing!

No comment on the sushi night ;-)

Kathy Bray:

Maria, I come back to the hotel at the end of the day tanned and spent. Even with sunscreen that sun is getting all of of on this job. We were laughing about it at Sushi again tonight. Yes, sushi and sake again. ;-)

The chefs and cooks all have nickname initials that they call each other and the names are just wonderfully nasty and wicked. I'm now PDB: Prima Donna Bitch. Love it! It's like the best term of endearment ever. I've been inducted into a sort of secret society. It's all in good fun.

I just adore the people I'm working with...


AND sake?! That little nickname of "wicked (you)" is well-deserved -- keep up the good work and make us proud! ;-)

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