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I'm digging on

As Spring is here and I'm feeling, well, Springy, I'm digging on a few new favorite things and I thought for poops and giggles I'd pass them along.

I'm in a sort of I-LOVE-ME mode. And really, why not? After the dark of Winter comes the lightness of Spring and isn't love the path to the sun? YES!!! *Decadent self-loving smiley face here*

I'm having a serious love affair with:

Joe's Jeans in Socialite - Mother never told me my bum could look like this and man, do these feel oh so delish on. These are woman loving jeans my divine little chicklets. And they're long! Love that! They're classic and sexy and ain't nothin' better in my book. And hey, I embrace my inner socialite. Oh yes...

once.jpgThe soundtrack to Once - This movie settled in and took hold of me in a very big way. The music lights me up from within and makes me all shiny and bright. The little film that could- did. It simply doesn't get better than this. Period.

More below

Reed's Ginger Brew - Dear God/Creator/Buddha/Etc., when I die please make sure you have a Reed's on hand so the very first thing I sip on the other side is this sweet little slice of heaven. Hell, I'm drinking one right now!


Samsung t819 Mobile Phone - Look, if I have to carry one of these ridiculous things it might as well be sexy, elegant, mocha colored and so very me. I got it yesterday and it already makes me purr. And I hate mobile phones!

The new flip flops from old Navy - Because for $5 a pair (some are even $3.50) they are the best basic flip flop out there and I am picky as poop. Pay $20 for Havaianas? AS IF!


Emergen C in Cranberry - This stuff helps fight off the bad jiu-jiu germs and it tastes good to boot. A little packet of sunshine, I say. Do they sell stock?


Neutrogena Comforting Butter Body Wash and Body Butter - This butter cream makes life a we bit sweeter and I'm thinking might just make me a wee bit yummier. With cocoa, shea and mango butters involved this is a serious contender. I also happen to like things on the natural side.


Irish Breakfast Tea from Trader Joe's - I start every day with two bags in a massive mug that I cover to steep. Add milk, a wee bit of sugar and stir! This stuff makes me happy every single damn day. It's all about the tea...


Barack Obama - Because I want my President to be handsome and incredibly smart with some serious sexiness thrown in. It's that simple. AMEN.


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Nice list! I have a similar body butter I love. I also bought some packets of Emergen C in various flavors (trying them all out) after reading a post of yours on Slow Travel and being home sick. And a great President choice :-)


Ok, moving backwards... I like Mr. O, but sexy he is not! Of course I am a straight male so go figure. Trader Joe's Rocks! Body Butter makes a soft woman even softer so no complaints. Canberries and flip flops are the shit! I am not a big Samsung fan as far as mobile phones go, but they are great with TV's! Ginger Beer is nectar of the Islands! Never saw the movie 'Once' or heard the soundtrack, but I will check it out now. Lastly... the pic of the jeans lack any semblance of an actual female ass! Please please tell me that a woman's curves are appreciated. That model looks like Nicole Ritchie at her pre-preggo worst!

Kathy Bray:

Rich, I'm thin but I got booty! The pic simply shows the jeans and they are so much better on a chick with some back to her. Flat butts are out, baby!!!

Look, Obama has the sexy thing going on. Bill did too and part of that was his brilliance. Smart men are sexy...BIG TIME.

Watch Once and let me know what you think. It's a fabulous feel good flick and we simply MUST support independent filmmakers!


Okay, I've been gone a long time ... what's the ginger brew? Is it like ginger ale? I can't get ginger ale here :-( I found one type called "American ginger ale" but it doesn't even taste like anything. I'd love some of that really strong, wonderful ginger ale that I can't remember the name of. The stuff you mention probably isn't even ginger ale anyway ;-)

Why is it that even men think that if they have the little tiny, flat, cracker butt that it's sexy? I like 'em to fill out those jeans! Gimme somethin' to hold on to dammit!

Think it's the thought of getting the tattoo that's turning me into something strange?!

Kathy Bray:


I have tattoos. I get it!

And Reed's ginger brew is beyond ginger ale. It's SPICY.

Nice list! I remember you wrote about Seven jeans quite a while ago and in November I went and got myself some! They really are great. At first I felt that they didn't keep their shape as good as I thought they would, but they seem to get better with wear! Good jeans are SO important but it takes some work finding them.

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