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It's never easy to say goodbye...

I had to pack it up and leave my event in the desert today (and let me just say that I am TAN). I have business back east and couldn't stay the weekend. I set things up as best I could and made sure the young woman stepping in for me has an easy time of it. I worked my ass off to insure everyone was in line, on the ball and that the client was happy. Hell, I even got invited to the client's wrap party (Super nice Germans. Working with them was a pleasure!) and there is talk of work with them in the future. I'm damn good at what I do and PR is half of it. Good social skills are key, let me tell you.

I had breakfast with the kitchen staff this morning and there were lots of hugs and talk of plans to all get together when I return from the east coast. I even stayed an extra hour to finish up room assignments and wrap things up with hotel management. Even the hotel dude (my man Dion) said he was going to miss me! And let me say, if you are ever passing through Hesperia and need a place to stay on the way to Vegas or San Diego, you just have to stay at the Holiday Inn Express there. Those people seriously rock it out! And man, were they accommodating and good to us. Anything I wanted they were there to hook me up. And that jacuzzi and pool were divine at the end of a long day. AMEN.

I'm back home and have just enough time to unpack, clean, do laundry and re-pack for my crack of dawn flight on Monday. I also have to teach my class tomorrow night as I promised I would. When did I become so goddamned responsible? When did I become a.... GROWNUP? Crazy poop.

Must go love on my little feline beasties for a while. Thank god a new and delightful friend stepped up and volunteered to take care of them after another girlfriend flaked on me and put me in a really bad spot. It's always so bloody nice to know you have good people you can count on. The ones who flake on you? Well, as my dear and lovely friend Heather always says: Bless and release.

I have no room for unreliable people in my life. I have too many good people who would be there for me no matter what. Man, do I adore them. And I am solid to the bone. My word is everything to me and friendship sometimes means being there for someone even when it's not convenient. I think we all need to learn to be a wee bit more selfless. It's in the giving that our hearts bust wide open...

I'm sending love out to my friend Tracey for loving on my girls when I was gone and to Andy, Tarik, Jose, Lindsey, Jason and the one and only Gregg (my partner in crime and the boss on the other end) for making this event so incredible for me. Your girl has more big ideas to come!

I got nothin' but love for you people.


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Nice update and ending musings on your little jaunt -- you gave me a much needed smile.

Ya' done good girl! You've got some great memories.

Have a safe next trip, and talk to you soon :-)


Boy, are you lucky you left Hesperia yesterday because today there is SNOW! We had at least an inch of snow overnight where I live, so I checked on what was happening in Hesperia. Snow there too!

Kathy Bray:


I talked to one of the chefs last night who is still at the site and he said they got serious snow there yesterday after I left! There was talk of canceling the last couple of days of the event if the weather keeps up. It's really a pretty tricky drive to the site and with snow it would be downright dangerous. I missed it all!

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