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On the road for a while

I'm slipping into big bad mama in charge mode and heading off to an event that will take me on location to, well, the middle of flippin' nowhere for 8 days or so. I'm bringing my yoga mat with me, my laptop and some good books. Oh yes...

I'm doing a gig for a swank European car company that is flying press in from all over the world, giving them private drivers and letting them test drive their new cars over the hills and through the woods and out to the desert they'll go. I'm helping run the food end of it so I'll be the chick in the suit making sure my staff is on the ball and that the client is supremely happy. I'll also be dorm mama cracking the whip if people act up in the hotel. When I'm off the clock at night I expect some peace. If anyone acts up and disturbs that peace bad things will happen. SERIOUSLY.

More from the road once I settle in...


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"bad things will happen"?! I can see it now! Thanks for the giggle ;-) And yes, I know you're serious, don't worry :-) Have fun out there in the desert -- don't get lost in the sand!

Hello there,

Your blog is wonderful! I just came across it today whilst meandering through Blogland and just love it. I hope you don't mind my leaving a comment. Can't wait to browse around, chitter-chat and get to know more.

Safe travels,

Karen Beth :)


Sounds like a gigantic babysitting job to me. The yoga mat and your tapes will keep you sane...good luck!
Ciao ciao,

Kathy Bray:

Thanks for sending some love, ladies!

Karen, I ADORE comments. Keep them coming and I hope you enjoy the read! And thanks for coming out to play...


Awww, Kathy, at least you should get lots of rest at night!

Do you get to test drive a car too? That might be fun!

Kathy, keep us posted from the road - happy trails!


Good luck with the gig, Kathy! Reporters can be the biggest babies (I say that after 20 years as a journalist and I'm shamed to admit I whined about the food on a few foreign trips......) I'm sure you know how to handle it -- and whip-crackin' is probably exactly the right thing to do!

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