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A special place in Santa Cruz la Laguna

I've been to Santa Cruz la Laguna on Lake Atitlan twice now during my travels to Guatemala and there really is something so sweet and quiet about the place. You can only reach it by boat and there are only a few small hotels there. I have friends there now so I believe I'll always have a place to stay. Sometimes the friends you meet along the way just stick with you, you know?

There's this special little place I've grown fond of called Hotel Isla Verde to the left of the docks about a quarter mile down the coast. You feel as if you're walking up into the heavens and with each plateau you find these delicious little nooks and spaces like hanging canoes to swing in and a wonderful open stage that is utterly perfect for an outdoor yoga class. Yes, this is a place I'd like to hold retreats! The eco-conscious and totally simple cabin style rooms sort of hang over the hillside and as they are fairly open spaces even the bathrooms open you to the great outdoors. It's enticing, really. The simplicity and beauty of it all is rather intoxicating.


When you climb up to the top you find this lovely little restaurant and the deck alone is fantastic. You feel as if you're dining in the middle of a tropical rain forrest. Imagine a place where you eat up towards the open sky and where you feel so deeply part of nature and these delicate little flowers hang down to greet you and I think you'll get the picture. ~Heavenly~

Just a couple of weeks ago I was sitting with my friend Glenn on Isla Verde's private dock drinking soy banana smoothies and talking about life and love and the state of things as we looked out over the stillness of the lake.

There are moments when life can be so simple and so very sweet...


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You've found your slice of heaven, haven't you? :)
I love reading about it. :)

I think I have indeed. :-)

I only wish you could haul your wonderful self over from Australia to come play with me there!


Wow. That place looks really amazing!

Kathy, I'll sign up for a beginner class with you there!


Kat, while remembering times spent at that dock it's kind of special to realize it will be the one I'll use in the next days, almost as my private dock being my house is just above isla verde. It's the dock where I'll embrace you again someday soon after you go out of the boat in the middle of a rainy, still, afternoon. Let's get wet!

Be fine!

Shannon and Deborah, COME! I'd love to have you both there and I'd love to teach you some yoga basics. There is so much to do on the lake! You can eat drink and make merry as well as just be quiet and contemplate life is peace. Maybe that's why I love it so much there. It offers so much balance.

Glenn, you know I am thinking of you and I'll be back to see you soon. Let's swim and play and dream the days away...

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