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I support the boycott of the Olympic Games opening ceremony in Beijing

I am thoughtful in my decisions and as I will always stand beside those who fight for their right to freedom and freedom of expression, I stand with Reporters Without Borders in their call to boycott the Olympic Games opening ceremony in Beijing. China has not adhered to the promises that were made when they were granted the great honor of hosting the Olympic games in Beijing. Human rights are still being violated and the press is being banned from covering what is taking place there. I will NOT support those who foster the repression of their people.

Call me a wacky chick.

I will, however, always support the brilliant athletes who have worked hard at becoming the very best of the best and I celebrate them regardless of the situation at hand. May they be free, safe and honored for their great efforts and achievements.

Just a little personal freedom of expression here. Bloody damn good thing I have it...

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