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My six word memoir

A friend from Slow Travel proposed today that we write our travel memoirs using only six words to do so. What a great challenge! Without even putting too much thought into it these words came to me and I realize how much they resonate inside me.

I have been incredibly blessed on my journey's and have always been welcomed with open arms. My friend Deet said something that really made me think the other day when I was parting ways with her in Antigua, Guatemala. Just as we were saying goodbye she told me that no matter where I go, I always make friends. And I realized that she's right. I do.

And so, I bring you my travel memoir in six words:

~Wherever she goes, doors open wide~

Thank you, Deborah, for giving me the idea which then became my mirror and a means to really look at how far I've come and how so many have opened their doors, homes and hearts to me. I must be doing something right...


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Pretty cool :-) I was just thinking about this kind of thing, because of all the people I meet here that come into my life and then go. I just received yet another invitation, that if I ever go to their city, I have a place to stay and I must let them know if I come. This happens a lot, and I think I must be doing something right too.

What a wonderful way to describe it!

Good one - that is SO you! :)

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