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Life's a bitch

When you have to settle on going to a place like this for the weekend. I am very unhappy that I have to drag my butt out to the lake today to partake in good food, wine and play. Sad little me. I demand reparations for this travesty upon my being.

*heavy fascitious sigh*

Santa Cruz la Laguna. I'll be here again this weekend. Hasta luego, baby!


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Well, what fun! I'm really enjoying this.

Am spring cleaning and playing with my cats - instead of going to Italy tomorrow. Sad...

Oh well, c'est la vie, and I am hoping to go again with Alessandro for Christmas.


That really is a beautiful looking lake, with the mountains surrounding it. Very peaceful, and the little pier looks like a nice place to sit at the edge of, kicking back.

It's time for another update! Spare your poor friend five minutes to make me even more jealous! ;-)

I know you're having a wonderful time!


The water, the sky, the clouds. deep sigh of envy - looks too beautiful for words. And it's hot, hot, hot, here at home, so enjoy.

Yeah, unlucky you! :) I so can't wait until I go! Just nine more days and that will be my painted toes on a dock!

Enjoy the rest of your trip and let us know how your weekend was - I bet fantastic!

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