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Pana, a man in Santa Cruz and the sweet life

Just a quick check in after just coming back to Antigua from three days on the lake and a return to my laptop!

I feel like I lived a whole life in three days. I spent time with a man, made dinner for new friends and even looked at a few houses for sale! What can I say: I'm a chick with a vision.

So much to share but I'm sitting with a latte and trying to digest everything that I've experienced in these last few days. My mind is full...

I stayed with my friend Glenn at the house he's renting in Santa Cruz. It was lovely to be with him and even though he dragged my butt out of bed to hike up this ridiculously high hill before I'd even had MY TEA (I have the sunburn on my back to prove I was ill prepared for this feat and you know I swore under my breath the whole way up), I enjoyed spending time with a native man who, although he is from a totally different culture, has a lot in common with me. Sometimes it's spooky!

Glenn on a hike in Santa Cruz

My feet at Glenn's place

I met so many Americans and Europeans living on the lake and they were all really interesting and wonderful people. There is so much going on down here. It's actually pretty damn fabulous.

I stayed at Hotel Dos Mundos on my first night in Panajachel and I wouldn't spend the money to stay there again. I mean the staff is wonderful, no doubt, and they even held my bags, including the quilt I just bought for my bed (delish!) and that means a lot to me. But it is on the higher end of things for Pana and mostly where the tourists stay. Last night I stayed at Mario's Rooms on the main drag when I returned and instead of spending $50 I spent about $16. A MUCH better deal. I had a private room, cable TV with any station I could dream of, hot water and a private bathroom. What more do I need?! I also walked around town last night after I grabbed the last boat back from Santa Cruz ( it comes around 6.00PM) and found a few other places that I would like to try out in the future. All cheap and all great at that!

I actually met two young British girls who were backpacking, had just arrived in town and didn't have a place to stay. I walked them around to the various places I had discovered and they settled on the place I almost chose for all of 50Q a night. They were very appreciative. That's about $7 a night and it was really very sweet! It had hot water, private bath, and a TV. Ah, how this girl loves a good bargain. She also happens to love helping out her fellow traveling chicks. You betcha.

I found the greatest little cafe in Pana called "Deli" (on Calle Santander the main drag) and they serve the yummiest Masala Chai tea. I had a mean breakfast there this morning as well. It has become one of my special places in Pana. I love my places!

Drinking tea at Deli

Now I'm trying to see if I can stay an extra night or two. It's worth a shot, right? I'm just so happy here and it suits me. And man, the best stuff happens to me here. I've actaully been asked by a yoga teacher and friend here if I'll come and cover her classes for a month or two this Summer whilst she goes on vacation. She has her classes at my favorite swank hotel here, Meson Panza Verde.

Don't think I'm not seriously considering it...

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It all sounds fabulous. :)


You sound at peace :-)

Kathy Bray:

It was fabulous and I'm going to write more about it as soon as I settle back in here in LA.

And Maria, I always find peace when I go to Guatemala! One day you'll come with me and you'll experience it too. ;-)


Just to tell your buddies that Pana has a new diva!

Hope you're doing great.

Kathy Bray:


Pana Diva I am!

And a mighty delicious diva at that. ;-)


Diva's of the world unite!
sounds like you have found a bit of paradise!

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