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Returning to the familiar, hot showers and friends

I arrived in Antigua at about 9.00 yesterday morning after an overnight flight from LA. I immediately set off to Fernando's Kaffee for a latte and some breakfast. I had a quick catch up with Fernando and was greeted with a friendly wave by one of his waitresses as my shuttle pulled up when I arrived. It's always nice to be welcomed back.

After breakfast I walked down toward the big market and bought myself a cell phone. It is frickin' crazy what the US charges us for our cellphones and usage fees. I bought a Motorolla cellphone and it came with 175 minutes on it for $30! And they have really user friendly deals here where there are double and triple days so when you buy your minutes to download they give you double or triple what you pay for! My country kind of sucks at times. We're so advanced and yet so ass backward as well.

I came back, took a nap, and then I was off to my friend Deet's house for a blissful massage. She informed me that there was an art opening at Meson Panza Verde across the street and told me I was coming. How could I refuse? So, we headed over for wine and art and great conversation. After meeting and greeting we walked over to the Traveller's Menu for some dinner. After that it was ice cream cones and a walk in the park where we grabbed a bench, sat down, and talked about life and love and everything in between. What a perfectly wonderful night!

The only snafu that I have hit is that my favorite little hotel, Casa Cristina, has disappointed me with their hot water situation. I did NOT get a hot shower yesterday and I tried twice to get one. I had this problem on my first stay here and Rosario turned up the hot water temp so we all got hot showers. She said people weren't complaining but I saw that they had in some reviews. They just didn't complain to HER. Now it appears the temp has been lowered again and in the middle of the day she turns the hot water off to save money. I am not happy about this. I cannot stay in a place where there is not sufficient hot water. What to do?

If I don't get hot water today I will have to find another place to stay. This saddens me, but as I ask for very little when I stay in a hotel, having really good hot water for a shower is a bare minimum requirement! The screaming kids visiting yesterday didn't help either. My nap was cut short by what sounded like a circus taking place outside my door. This happened on my last visit as well. I think I'll take today to investigate other hotels in the area. Perhaps the hotel fairies are telling me it is time to open myself to something new?

Off to check things out and enjoy Antigua. More to come!


~Later, same day~

OK, here's the deal. If you get upset about something go for a walk and clear your head. It actually works!

I came back to the hotel with a renewed appreciation for Rosario and Casa Cristina. Why, you ask? Because you have to pick your battles and sometimes the good outweighs the bad, dig? I've checked around town and for what I get here and the kindness I have been shown on many occasions, a coupe of days of kids running around and not exactly super hot water is, well, doable. I took a shower that was not so bad today. It's a start!

My traveling philosophy: Remember that you are not at home. Remember that you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. Remember that keeping an open mind and heart allows the good stuff to find you.

Oh, and nurture the friendships that you forge during your travels. They might just become some of the most beautiful and meaningful friendships you will ever have...


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Glad to hear you made it there safely and are already firmly ensconced in all that makes you happy! Enjoy :-) You're right on that philosophy -- it's interesting what we will put up with, or realize is doable, when it/they are weighed against all other things.

There with you in spirit!


Sorry about the hot water and screaming kids, but those are things you can change, correct? Maybe you should take David with you; Kim thinks he is the God of hot water :). Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter of Teachickin' in Guatemala.

Kathy Bray:

Maria, to bad you can't be here with me to play!

Marcia, I'd be HAPPY to have David with me! If the two of you come down with me on one of these trips we'll have a bloody damn good time. Hell, we always do! You are my people. :-)


David is a god with hot water, not to mention A/C!!!


Sounds great so far! I bet you will have an awesome weekend at the lake. Funny, after your first post I almost canceled my reservation at Casa Cristina but now I think I will keep it!

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