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Sex and the City, that is - The movie!

You just don't understand how much I miss those four delicious girls and how life is so much sweeter with a little foray into Sex land.

*Heavy sigh*

May 30th, my people. It's a comin'! And damn, it looks like it's going be tasty at that...

Enjoy this sneak peak trailer. Consider it really good foreplay.

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Oh man, I'm SOOOO bummed that our visit to the states will be over before this comes out!!! My only consolation is that I get to watch "Sex" every day here in Italy....and once the series ends, it starts all over again!

I'll be first in line at the video store when the movie comes out on DVD, and can't wait to read the reviews....I'm hoping it ends as hopefully as the series did.

Kathy Bray:


I'll be the first in line at the theater AND the first to order it when it comes out on DVD! I have most of the series on DVD and am hoping to complete the set soon. Settling in with a an episode or two is like a savoring a really luscious glass of wine. My kind of therapy...

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