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When a cold hits, you just go with it

Alas, just as I was about to hunker down and get into some nitty gritty about Guatemala, I awoke with, you guessed it, a bloody cold! Ah well, I know what to do when these things happen and I'm now old hat at cold comfort. Oh yes.

I just drove myself to the drug store, got two boxes of tissue with aloe lotion (a red nose just so doesn't suit me) and one MASSIVE BOTTLE of B&B Liqueur. What's B&B you ask? It's this little Tutu's friend, lover, bliss and medicine when she's under the weather.

And I don't care that I spent $32 to get it. I'm worth it!

Look, I don't fool around when it comes to my libations. And there simply must be perks in sickness.


Throw in hot baths and tea, some Emergen C, fabulous British telly series on DVD, trashy mindless magazines (OK, to be honest I'm reading the Economist, but who's checking), two cats and a new quilt from Guatemala (my last splurge) and I'm set. This too shall pass and I will make the most of it whilst it's here. I believe in savoring life, and damn it, the occasional sickness is part of it!

Stay tuned as there are more Guatemalan adventures yet to be told...

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I decided that the Economist turned trashy/gossip this week when they ran an article on my home, Loudoun County!

I was all ready to read "serious, important, and wordly" coverage only to see that they devoted several inches to my backyard.

Now for this B&B thing, I must run out and try some since we're clearly out of brandy.

Kathy Bray:


The Economist was my latest treat read for myself. I got a subscription and they come every week! Yes, they have their trashy stories (I loved the read on Sarkozy and Carla Bruni), but it's a good balance.

And you simply MUST get some B&B if you like brandy. It is by far my favorite along with the Amaro's from Italy. Delish...


So it's one of those things that when you drink it, you may be sick but you end up just not caring? ;-) Sounds like my way to deal with a cold! Get better so we can plan my trip :-)

Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

Sending you virtual chicken soup!

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