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A day at the beach

We've been having a heatwave here in L.A. so I headed down to Laguna beach a few days ago for some sun and fun with my dear friend Heather. I hauled my very white self down there and had my first bikini outing of the season. We ate, we drink (nothing finer than a tasty Pina Colada after a day at the beach!), we shopped and we played. It reminded me of Summers spent on Cape Cod. Happy times indeed.


We've decided we are due a proper girly play break so I'm trying to put something together for June. I'm thinking some down time in the desert is just the ticket. Two chicks on a road trip? Fabulous... And those Summer deals rock!

Summer's a comin', my people. Get ready to enjoy it!

I know I will.



Happy feet



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Don't you look fabulous! We are hunkering down here with the thick explorer socks, the two dressing gowns, the heaters and the electric blankets. :)

You and I have been through these changes of season together for a while now and we're always at opposite ends of things! Now it's my time for the heat and you're just layering up again. One sweats and the other shivers!

Oh that looks so nice! I love the beach. I think my #1 complaint with DC is the distance from the beaches and the ocean. I love the ocean and the water! (Now, if I could just do bridge pose on the beach...)

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