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The power of OW

As I raced to get a towel after a bath the other day, the towel I had to have because I didn't want the color rinse I'd put in my hair to get on my nice new sparkly ivory towel (the one that was actually hanging in my bathroom), I slipped in my hallway, fell forward into a table with the corner jamming into my left hand, bounced backward into a bookcase whacking my shoulder and finally landed on my butt. Yes, there I was naked as a newborn baby on the floor trying to assess how bad the damage was. Naked, wet and battered - classic...

No ambulance for me, but man did I haul booty into the kitchen to down three Advil as I knew the pain was going to be bad (it was). I'm sure I looked like a desperate junkie shaking like mad and flinging Advil all over the place as I did, scarfing them up off of the floor to down them. You do what you have to and the pain in my hand was kicking in...big time.

I called a nurse friend who told me to R.I.C.E.: Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. She said the Advil was a truly smart move. My hand was swelling and the pain was mind numbing. Advil is the best thing EVER.

Not sure if it's a fracture yet. I've been to my acupuncturist friend who isn't sure either but the treatment she gave me helped quite a bit (I'll be going back regularly until it heals). A fellow yogi friend just happened to have a brace for the left hand and I'm now using it. All three women I called to help me are fellow yogis. The nurse, the acupuncturist and the friend with the brace are all my people. My Kula, which is Sanskrit for community, was there for me. Beautiful thing, that.

It's no fun trying to get around without the use of one hand. I can't hook a bra, zipper pants or tear open a tea bag cover. Sleeping is challenging. Yoga is just plain OUT.

This is all a lesson letting me know I need to slow my butt down and breathe for a while. I'm teaching yoga tomorrow night and will not back out. I'll simply be careful and I'm sure my students will appreciate my commitment to them. I love what I do!

I am reminded of the statement my dad always made when wonky stuff like this happened: "Caca occurs."

Indeed it does...

Yes, I am the chick who broke herself trying to save a friggin' towel. Hindsight's a bitch!


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YOUCH! I am so sorry! :( You poor soul.

Leslie, I'm actually mending fairly fast. The Chinese herbal formula for trauma that my acupuncturist has me on is already working! It's reducing the swelling and helps with the pain. I still can't use my thumb at all, or use my hand very much, but I'm damn hopeful.

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