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A little luxury, you say?

I know I write a lot about budget travel and how I am the Queen of the deal. ~Indeed I am.~

Well, I am also a lover of luxury and the occasional splurge and fully believe in living life with a sense of balance. I've been known to adore a swank hotel room and am happy to sink my happy little self into a deep delicious tub whilst sipping wine out of a crystal glass.

But of course.

So with that thought, I give you a few of my favorite splurge places in Antigua, Guatemala. I plan on staying in a couple of these oh so swank places myself and will happily let you know how those baths work out. Me, a tub and a sexy little bottle of red? Perfect...

Do I spend money on myself from time to time? Mai oui! Yes, I most certainly do! I don't believe in waiting around for anyone else to bring me the finer things or hand me a nice little dish of romance.

I romance myself whenever I can, thank you.

A smart man will know this and simply want to add to my joy (and how I do love a good man) and if he's really smart he'll surprise me with a little luxury from time to time. ~I do believe I'm worth it.~

And to all of my utterly Divine Goddess readers I say this:

My dear sweet and wonderfully spicy little chili peppers, you're worth it too!


I give you my luxury hotel choices for Antigua below

Meson Panza Verde

When I first walked through the doors of this little slice of heaven I just couldn't stop cooing. The art gallery-cum-yoga studio alone is beyond words. The little nooks and crannies are made for trysting and uttering sweet nothings in your lover's ear and are also just perfect for glorious moments of solitude. The suites on the first floor in the back are simply perfect. Have a drink by the fire in the bar area and then feast on the chef's creations in the five star restaurant which is considered by many to be the best restaurant in town.
I will stay here. Suites eight and nine are calling my name!

Casa Santo Domingo

This place is known to be the grand dame of Antigua. It is an exceptionally beautiful place to get married as your ceremony takes place in the ruins, under the stars and by candlelight! I witnessed a wedding ceremony taking place there in January and was utterly mesmerized. Just exquisite. Not that I want to do it again myself, but for those looking for something special and a bit different, this could be a serious contender.

Have a drink in the bar, make your way over for a lovely dinner in the posh restaurant and then take some time to stroll the grounds, take in an art exhibit (I went to an art opening party there last August and I could have sworn I was in NYC as it was so very hip and sophisticated), witness a wedding taking place or wander about the ruins. The museum itself is wonderful and the ambiance of the entire place is really rather magical.

Posada Del Angel

My man Bill clinton stayed here back in 1999 and he was the first US President to spend the night on Guatemalan soil. The former Prime Minister of Canada and Senator Tom Daschle have stayed here as well. Just look at the photos and you'll understand why they keep coming back. Would I like to stay here myself, you ask? Yes please.

Quinta de las Flores

This is the most affordable of the places I've listed and yet you still get a real sense of luxury and pampering. The grounds alone are glorious and the rooms look fabulous. The prices really can't be beat for what they offer. They also have a lovely pool and restaurant on the premises. Make sure to take the virtual tour to get an idea of just how special it is.

I'll be posting some of the best budget places to stay in Antigua next. I've got that covered...

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barb cabot:

Kathy, these places look wonderful. I've forwarded this on to my friend that just returned from Guatemala. Great info. I, too believe you must not wait for anyone to "do for you"... it's really up to us to create our own reality...our own peace and celebration. You are a very wise soul! You inspire!

Great list! I adore Casa Santo Domingo. Must stay there one day!

I am also excited that I have stayed at one of the places on the list! I stayed at Quinta de las Flores and really enjoyed it.

Barb, thanks for that! And yes, we must create our own realities and allow ourselves pleasure and joy every chance we get.

Chiocciola, I hope we get the chance to meet up in Antigua one day. I think I can get us some great rates at Casa Santo Domingo! A little splurge is a beautiful thing...


I wanna go, I wanna GO!!

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