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I'm investing in ME

When I made the decision to take time out of my work life and invest in my yoga training I did it with a sort of blind optimism. I had just gotten to the point where it occurred to me that my life was, well, happening NOW, and that it was about time I created the kind of life that really turned me on, filled me with a sense of excitement and hope. I wanted to wake up every day with a feeling of joyfulness, not just acceptance.

I have no regrets. Best damn money I ever spent. Truly.


So, my commitment to myself is that every chance I get I invest in ME. I invest in training, workshops, travel, books and anything that helps me grow as a person and step things up a notch. I want more. Always more. My hunger to grow is endless and I never remember feeling so alive.

This summer I am taking time off again to invest in more yoga training. I am doing a Prenatal Yoga training at City Yoga in West Hollywood, my home away from home. I want to help the women bringing life into the world find some bliss in yoga. I'm also going to go for my Restorative Yoga certification (this is my specialty and what I am currently teaching) with the woman who wrote the bible on Restorative Yoga, Judith Hanson Lasater. I'll be in San Francisco for a week come July getting my bliss on and going deeper with what I love. I'll have my evenings free so I'll be savoring the city when I'm there as well. It's sort of a training vacation!

After these trainings, and the incredibly yummy Asana and Philosophy Retreat I'l be doing in June with my teacher Noah Maze and Douglas Brooks, my intention is to spend the month of September in Antigua, Guatemala, teaching some yoga and finally studying Spanish. I have an opportunity I don't think I can pass up. I'm stepping into the flow and it's bringing me places I never even imagined. I am digging it all like mad.

I can tell you that when you align with the divine, or in simple terms, listen to that little voice inside screaming at you to follow your passion, good things start happening. I tell you this from personal experience. Opportunities are finding me and sometimes I kind of have to pinch myself. I'm not kidding.

I, personally, don't want to wait to start living my life until I retire. I never plan on retiring! When you're doing what you love what's the point of that? My dad still did research as a physicist until he was in his mid 70's. It turned him on big time. He was excited about what he did until the very end. He only stopped when he was far too ill to continue. I want that for myself. He is my inspiration.

Look, things are nice, 401 K's are swell, and houses are grand, but the best investment that you can ever make is investing in your dream. The rest will work itself out. Somehow it always does...

Go on then. Do something for yourself that starts you on that path you've been longing for. Let me know when you do.

I always love a good I found my bliss story.


A special shout out of love to my teacher's and dear friends Tom Jermain and Linda Eifer. Tom makes me smile down to my shiny little painted toenails and Linda reminds me that being sexy and strong is ageless. Both are remarkable people and utterly brilliant teachers. I am blessed to have them both in my life.

And they're wicked good fun to play with. Oh yes...

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Awesome.....the best gift you can give yourself!!!

I really enjoyed reading that.

My current mantra, that I am enjoying repeating to myself every now and then, is: Love the life you live.

My students used it as a journaling start in their scrapbooking this week.

Barb Cabot:

Love what you write and how it comes straight from your heart. When you are in the flow of what is truly you things do come to you, they fall on your shoulders and embrace you. I have a feeling you will be embraced often and lovingly
with many rewards. Good for you and thanks for sharing such strong words. They feed my soul.


There must be something going around. This morning I was having a long talk with someone who made it a point to make a distinction between being joyous and being happy. One is fleeting and changeable, the other is not. To be truly joyous...

I'll let you know soon about my following the bliss and following the passion of what I love to do :-)

You're on a joyous high, and it truly and clearly shows!

I've been through the deepest darkness and it has made the light so much sweeter. I know that the many losses I sustained in a short time made me go deeper and dig into the nooks and crevices that I'd been overlooking. I found good stuff there. I think I'll keep digging...

Thanks for the support and kind words. You are all splendid women and you are appreciated like mad!

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