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Myanmar/Burma needs our attention!

The cyclone that hit Myanmar, formerly Burma, has taken over 100,000 lives and they are saying well over one MILLION more have been affected. What I find reprehensible is that the people of Myanmar did not know about the cyclone heading towards them from their own government. The few that knew it was coming only heard reports far too close to the storm actually hitting and those reports were from foreign outlets only. The government of Myanmar let its people down and now the rest of the world is being called upon to help assist those who has been devastated by this natural disaster. To add insult to injury the government is not letting many of the relief workers in so relief efforts are going slowly. What a complete and utter travesty.

News sources are saying the damage is far greater than even that of the Tsunami that greatly affected Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India back in 2004. Something must be done. Much of the area is still under water. Can you imagine what it must be like to live through that? Unfathomable...

I will be donating to relief efforts and most likely give extra money to Doctors Without Borders, my staple source and where I go when I want to contribute to the greater good. They fight the good fight. And yes, they are there making a difference right now!

If you'd like to contribute to the relief efforts Network For Good has a really extensive list of reputable charities who are helping to make a difference.

If you can't give financially, well then perhaps give of yourself on some other level to help those in need right now. There are many ways to give, after all. Be creative.

And on a personal note may I just add that those involved in the relief efforts are the real heroes in this. They are risking their lives to help those in desperate need and are doing so without thought of personal gain or safety. They make the world a better place. To me this is what heroism actually means. We should all be more mindful about throwing the word HERO around. It should only be reserved for those who truly warrant the title.

It's our world, folks. We all have the choice to make a difference.




Today (may 10) I am adding Charity Watch to this list as they have a wonderful page solely dedicated to the organizations that can provide the most immediate relief and already have a history of helping in this area. It is so terribly important that we make sure our money goes where it is needed the most and is used wisely. The organizations are also rated and information is given on each.

Here is the latest press release from Doctors Without Borders on the relief efforts. They have quite a job ahead of them.

We do what can...


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Some of the heroes in this are also those who are surviving it, while giving assistance to their fellow survivors. Those heroes that give selflessly of themselves for something as serious as the survival of others. That is a hero. One who has performed a feat of courage or for a noble purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. Those that deserve the title Hero are admired for their brave deeds and noble qualities, performing a heroic act. Heroes are models or ideals of who we ourselves would like to be.

These people, such as Doctors Without Borders and the survivors helping others, are worthy of the title Hero.

Thank you for the reminder – we should remember the true meaning of a word which is thrown around as a title for deeds that are performed for selfish and gainful purposes. Let us reserve the word and title for those who truly deserve it.

Maria, you are absolutely right. Those who have gone through this and are putting their own needs aside to help their fellow man survive are true heroes indeed...

Kathy, what a great post! This is horrific. The US steps in and helps others when they don't want it. I agree wholehearted with you!

Thank you for posting this. I was in shock when first reading about this in the news. It has been covered a lot here since there are many former residents of Myanmar living here with family they cannot contact over there.

They have already been struggling to survive even before the cyclone hit and now to have to deal with all of the damage from the storm and the tremendous loss of life. Sadly, the government probably purposely made sure no one knew the storm was on the way.

There are so many wonderful agencies listed on the Network for Good site. I just hope the government allows more to enter the country to help those in need and as soon as possible.

What the Burmese government is doing is maddening beyond belief. Aid is being thwarted as they are refusing to grant the visas needed to allow the aid workers in. Just now they agreed to allow only TWO UN PLANES in with relief supplies.. Can you get your head around that? I surely can't...

And I still stand with the monks as they are there offering help where others cannot. They are there offering food, shelter and clothing to those in need. They are also asking for money to keep going on this path. I'm trying to find a way to contribute.

That's also my question. Which way is the best way to contribute to get help to them the quickest.

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