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Here's the thing: I'm sick of the flakes and the selfish and the vapid. Over them! So, in honoring my divine inner bitch I'm cutting them off. I am telling them all, and they know who they are, to stay away. Whip in hand here, people. Boundaries are drawn.

Yes, this little tutu is going solo for a while. I am readjusting the antenna and shedding the static. Clear signal only and no flippin' commercial interruptions.


No flakes, fuckwits, egomaniacs, bores, bullshitters, unchivalrous men, wackadoos, people going in circles, narcissists, attention whores, website hijackers or drama queens allowed. The sage is coming out and I'm opening the windows wide. Time to cleanse.

Ah, feeling better already...


Embracing the divine inner bitch? Kind of fabulous...

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Crikey mate. :) Someone's got up your nose. Good for you for shedding them. I applaud you.

I am hunkered down in hibernation in cold Canberra. It's electric blanket and casserole with dumplings time.

It's cup of tea by the time you go to drink it time. Erk!

Um, I could use a stay or even an overnight at the beach, but, sigh, it just ain't gonna happen.

Leslie, I'm having a bit of a laugh. It's not just one person alone annoying me at present. This too shall pass...

I always find it's cleansing to shake things up and then go quiet for a while. Amazing things always seem to happen when I let the bats out so the doves can come in.

I miss you, matey..


Goodness girl, what the hell's been going on while I've been off sailing the seas?!

I'm down for the count with my foot elevated up past my waist for the next few days, under strict orders to do no walking whatsoever (yeah, like that's gonna happen). This, too, shall pass :-)

Now breathe!

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