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Lara Logan rocks!

If you haven't heard, CBS News Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan, who has been covering the "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan, is all over the news for allegedly having liaisons with two men whilst on location. Now, I personally applaud her for taking to heart the old slogan: MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR. I think it's bloody brilliant that she can not only be hot, funny and sharp as a tack, but that she can manage to get her groove on during the worst of circumstances. I happen to think this is a beautiful thing. And she is one hell of a straight shooter who swears like a truck driver.

My kind of woman.

I'm on team Lara. Damn straight I am.

This is so worth watching.

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She was fabulous when I saw her on the Daily Show last week (or was it Colbert - that late, I can't keep things straight). Anyway, who cares! She's covering a flipping war for Pete's sake, don't we all have more important things to focus on than her sex life?

Kim, that's my point! She's a brilliant reporter and I don't care WHO she's sleeping with. She's in the middle of hell and she can do whatever the hell she wants to as far as I'm concerned! I think she is getting flack because she's a woman. If a man were in the same position he'd be slapped on the back and applauded.

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