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The power of natural healing

The update on the whacked and wonky hand is that it looks like I have no fractures (thank you to Robert for sending me off for an X-ray!) and my friend Sharon has been healing my hand with acupuncture and herbs. The swelling is almost gone and I am slowly able to move my thumb.

My hand will live!

I'm still off yoga and I still have a lot of pain in my left hand, but it is manageable and I'm still able to teach and adjust students. The bugger is that once I took off the bandage people seemed to think grabbing my hand was in the cards. On several occasions I've let out a squeal so high that people have had to peel me off the ceiling.

Back away from the chick with the wonky hand, people. She bites!

If you haven't tried acupuncture I highly recommend it. I've had amazing results over the years from it and have decided to stay in treatment for other issues to get on top of things. And those needles just feel kind of yummy stuck in there moving all of that energy around. I aways leave feeling totally euphoric. Give it a go, I say. You must just like it. And the outcome can be awe inspiring. Truly.


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I was getting an acupuncture treatment yesterday and thought you & your photo. I hope your hand is continuing to heal.

Great to hear that your hand is healing!

Thanks, you two. Yes, the hand is healing, though it is going FAR slower than I'd like. I still can't do yoga or open or hold things using my left thumb and index finger. Total bugger! Alas, I am learning the art of patience. Perhaps this is a gift... (attempting to make lemonade here!)

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