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I always said I'd do retreats

Just a short note to announce that april 15-22, 2009, I will be holding my first yoga retreat on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala with my friends and fellow teachers, Linda Eifer and Tom Jermain. Yes, I am doing it! And yes, it will be playful and joyful and amazing! We three are such a great team. They have both been my own teachers and I have grown so much with them beside me. Now they are my partners as well. I am humbled that they believe in my vision.

We'll have a website up soon. I just wanted to share the news. And it will be a true vacation retreat where people get a taste of the Guatemalan culture, get to do some yoga, eat great food, savor spa treats and simply relax. It's the retreat I'd want to go on myself.

And yes, we really can make our dreams come true...


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Oh my, that's fabulous! I am so pleased for you. :)

what I would not give to be there. I am so very, very happy for you. You amaze me. This is the best thing I could have read this afternoon. What a joy. WOW!!!


Two atta'girls and three way-to-gos! I am SO proud of you for making the decision and doing this :-) Keep reaching!


Congratulations! That is wonderful.

Thanks everyone. It's really an exciting time for me and I'm happy to be doing things I love. I'll be back in Guatemala next month to continue to get to know the place and people. I look forward to sharing it with friends!

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