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Guatemala's calling!

I am heading back to Guatemala for 17 days next month. I've just booked my ticket, have asked my friend Deet to book me into a room where she lives in Antigua, and may very well have most of my meals included in my rate or be able to cook for myself. I'm going to live like a local this time around. Oh yes.

Now to start looking for a Spanish school/tutor so I can study Spanish on the weekdays and then head out to the lake on the weekends to see friends and play. Damn it feels good to have done this. I've been a bit wackadoo as of late due to the wanderlust not being sated and today I am breathing more freely. I know in one month I will be back in the place that lights me up from within and settles me down to my bones. Fabulous...

Airfares have gone crazy high and those non-stops flights I've always taken that were so cheap - this will be my fourth trip to Guatemala in one year - have now more than doubled to nothing less than $675 and ain't no way I'm blowing that kind of money when with some serious airfare tracking for weeks and a whole lot of patience I found myself a ticket for $319 roundtrip with a stop in Mexico City. Sweet!

In a little over a week I'm off to San Francisco for another yoga teacher training and some time with friends. I'll be blogging about it so more on that later.

I love my life...


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Oh that's great! I'm really pleased to hear that you are going to have some time for yourself. :)

I get my boy back in a day and a half. He's been away since 27 June! He's in Singapore right now for 18 hours, then he has a slow and winding trip back via Adelaide and Melbourne.


Awesome! Let us know where you end up staying!

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