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In Case Of Emergency

In case anything happens to me I ask for these simple things:

1. Please make sure my cats are with me. They make the darkest days a lot lighter and I live and breathe them.

2. If I can't be with my cats then please have someone take care of them and love on them for me. They are an extension of who I am.

3. Find my brother Jim and tell him that I want him with me if things get bad. I trust him to kick ass with the doctors. We were a team with my father's care. I know he'll make the right choices. And my cousin's Harry and Patty will be with me too, as will my best friend Jorge. I know that. I am loved.

Please know that I feel profoundly blessed to know that someone will read this, maybe even you, and will make sure that these things happen.

Why am I writing this now, you ask? No, I'm not sick nor depressed. I'm not scheming to end things. I am writing this because someone I know, someone my age, is very sick. She has been diagnosed with cancer, undergone sudden and ungodly surgeries and is fighting the good fight. The road is long and she has just begun her journey.

Life ain't for sissies.

We are trying to bring her beloved cats home to her in NYC as they are currently very far away. One divine woman is working very hard to make this happen. The cats are in Rome where she was planning on living for a while. This was all very unexpected. Her plight has made me realize how important it is for all of us to have our needs be known.

These are my needs and wishes. I hope you will never have to refer to them, but if you do, I thank you for your love, kindness and friendship.

And to the lovely Diana I say this: your generosity of spirit is beautiful.


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Count on it.

Thanks, friend. That means a lot to me.

Count on it a second time. And a thousand times thereafter.

Diana, that means the world to me. Truly. I know how you make the magic happen first hand...

And right back at you. In a hot second.

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