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There is an amazing event taking place on September 5th and I wanted to share it with you.

ABC, CBS and NBC - all three major US networks, will be broadcasting STAND UP TO CANCER, a cancer awareness and fundraising event that will be aired at 8.00 p.m. on both coasts. It will be a historic collaboration and a means to unite the country in the fight against cancer.

Once you watch this incredibly well done PSA (Public Service Announcement) I know you will be just as moved and inspired as I was. I am always humbled by just how powerful we as people can be when we come together.

One out of every two men will get cancer in his lifetime. One out of every three women will as well. We have the power to stand up against these statistics. We have the power to pave the way for more research one dollar at a time...

I'm donating and I'll be watching, will you?

Let's stand up to cancer.

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YES Thank you Kathy!!!!

When I read PSA I thought we were going to watch a man get blood taken. PSA doesn't only mean Public Service Announcement but it is also the name of the screening test for Prostate Cancer. My man just had his and he is clean.... how about asking every man we know over 50 if he has had his?

Diana, I have known more men who have developed prostate cancer over 70. it is SO important for me to get his screening test regularly! And we woman need our PAPS, our mammograms or breast ultra sounds (this is what I get as I have dense breasts and mammograms don't work for me) as well. There's so much we can do!

We might want to start adding pelvic ultra sounds to the list combined with a Ca125 blood test -- those two things together are the only thing which have a chance of finding Ovarian Cancer before it goest stage 3 or 4 -- when and if the medical community decides that the disease is horrible enough that these tests will become part of women's health protocol.

Stay healthy and stand tall, my friend!! :)

I get the same breast ultra sound as you. Us girls with no kiddies have some mighty dense breast tissue sometimes.

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