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Tea, yoga and the simple pleasures

I'm on day three of my yoga training with Judith Lasater. I am having an amazing time and I spend my days getting yogafied and my nights with friends eating, drinking and making merry.

Last night I had dinner with my friend Sharon and we had the most delightful meal at 2223 Market Street in the Castro. The Pinot Noir was exceptional and we lucked out as Tuesday nights have a special $12 menu! We finished things up with sorbet, tea and coffee and then I was home, meaning The Metro Hotel, to bed.

I just love the Metro. The guys there take such good care of me and every day they have a huge bowl of fresh nectarines out by the front desk. My room, 115, is fantastic, large and quiet. It feels like home and I look forward to returning to it at the end of the day. The Metro Kathmandu is right next door and I popped in the other night for a glass of Pinot Noir and a spinach salad and ended up eating dumplings and drinking wine with Roshan, the owner. We became fast friends and I'll be back tonight for more chat, company and good food. I could see living here. The people just fit and the energy of the city really suits me.

I'm sitting in the cafe next door to my hotel drinking my usual morning pot of tea and watching the locals come in to get their morning coffees. Life is happening all around me. I just love settling into a place...

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Your life seems to be blessed right now. :) Sounds great, what you are doing. :)

Leslie, my life is blessed because I am actively making it so! I am opening myself to incredible things and in doing so I am drawing great rewards. So yes, life is good on many levels. And I'm hoping to make things even better. Damn straight!


That's why you make such a great teacher -- by example :-) Keep having a wonderful time, it sounds fantastic!

I love the fact you keep making fast friends with your hotelier wherever you go ;-)



My daughter, Tracey, and I both had to look for 2223 on the way to her home last night. We are going to try dining there one of these evenings based on your and Sharon's recommendations.

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