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A day out with my girls in Antigua

There are five of us women staying at Olga's (El Rosario) right now. We all eat together and we have all become fast friends. We shop together, play together, drink together and take care of each other. This has become my goddess trip!

Yesterday morning I woke up sick. I mean sick like over the toilet at 5.00 a.m. sick. And on it. Yeah, THAT sick.

My whole body hurt too. I spent the day feeing like I'd been hit by a Mack Truck. One of my new amiga's gave me a sleeping pill so I could pass out last night. She also gave me five days of Cipro just in case I had something funky living inside me. I spent the day sleeping, skipped breakfast but nibbled at lunch and dinner. Olga made super digestible food for the rest of the day so I could eat. LOVE HER. And last night when I finally made my way out with the girls to check my email at Jean Paul's place, Academia Colonial and Rumbar, he had his assistant make me a papaya smoothie which really helped. He's an absolute doll. His place has become my second home here!

So, two hots showers, six Pepto Bismal and one sleeping pill later I woke up feeling like me again! I spent part of the day with Christina shopping, walking the town and drinking tea lattes at Fernando's caffe, and then we met up with Yael, Julie and Trish later after the cultural walking tour they took with Elizabeth Bell, the one I always recommend to anyone coming into town now. And yes, the loved it...

Our view from Sky Cafe

We all headed over for afternoon cocktails at Sky Cafe and savored mojitos and bloody marys. I had one of those moments as I sat there on the rooftop with these wonderful women I have already come to adore and realized how incredibly juicy and luscious life can be. There we were, five girlfriends enjoying the hell out of each other and laughing like school girls. Our ages? 23, 24, 26, 42 and 64. Isn't that fabulous? That's the thing about adventurous passionate women: we appreciate one another for who we are. PERIOD. Friendship transcends age. Makes life all the sweeter, you know?


So, I give you the girls of Antigua. Mighty fine ones at that.

Me, Yael, Julia, Trish and Christina

Me and Trish


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Sorry to hear that you were under the weather. Glad you had friends there to nurse you back to good health.


64? I am looking over that picture, over and over again. There is no one there that looks remotely close to 64. Fabulous looking group!

How fantastic that you are enjoying Antigua with a lots of "girl-time"

Sorry about the sick time. Put it in the past... and savor Antigua.

Barb Cabot:

Kathy This is wild. You have met my very good friend Yael from (UCLA grad school days)...and her daughter Julia. Such a small world. Barb Cabot


Okay that's it, my mind's made up ;-)


I'm glad you are feeling more like yourself again.

It's such a waste to be sick on vacation in such a beautiful place!


Yes, Yael told me that she is your dear friend! We found out when she told me a friend had sent her notes about Guatemala and they were her bible. They were the notes I wrote for Slow Travel, the ones you sent her! We laughed like banchees about that one. Yael, Julia and I have been inseparable and they left just a while ago. I already miss them... Must write next about what we've been through since last night. WHAT A STORY! My next blog post!

You would all love it here. I kid you not. It is special beyond belief...

Charity B:

That's so cool about the connection with Barb's friend and her daughter, Kathy!
I sure wish I were there with you right now. How about a Slowtrav GTG in Antigua? Everyone raise your hands!

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