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Guatemala tomorrow

I'm heading back to Guatemala in the wee hours tomorrow morning. I'm actually taking a 6.35 a.m. flight which means I'm booking a taxi for 4.00 a.m.! Thankfully I'll sleep the 3 hours to Mexico City and then only have a brief layover there and then another hour to Guatemala City. I'll be in Antigua by 4.00 p.m. or so and am getting a massage with my friend Deet and then having dinner where I'm staying. A walk through town, some people watching in the town square park and then a nice nightcap will complete things. Sweet.

This trip I'm trying a few different places to stay. I'll be primarily based out of El Rosario in Antigua which is where my friend Deet rents her studio and where people coming for Spanish study often stay. It's directly across the street from my favorite swank hotel Meson Panza Verde which is nice as I like their little bar with a fireplace. A nice place to settle in for an evening glass of something and my journal.

El Rosario will be $20 a night. For that $20 I'm getting a nice private room with private bath, a fireplace and 1-2 meals a day prepared by the woman who runs it. Can't really beat that. And my friend Deet does a lot of their bookings. It will be nice to stay in another part of town. It's wonderfully quiet down there and very green.

My friend Paula Tursi is doing her annual yoga teacher training out on the lake so I'll head out to see her and catch up. I met her exactly one year ago on my first trip to Antigua. We were instant friends. It will be nice to reconnect and savor some quality girly time!

I'll be studying Spanish for at least one week and perhaps more while in Antigua. Private instruction for a week for 3 hours a day should run about $80. That includes the book. Three hours is enough for me. I zone out after that. My attention span can be knat like at times. And who wants to spend all their time studying?

I have a friend to see in Guatemala City and will be busy seeing friends in Antigua and out on Lake Atitlan. And of course there are the friends I've yet to meet. My friend Paula laughs at me and tells me I know everyone there. I guess I just meet people really easily. I always tell travelers to stay open as that's when the good stuff finds you. It works for me.

So what's it like to travel solo? Utterly fabulous...


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Sounds wonderful. :)
I have gone up to Brisbane to stay with mom who had a fall and broke her shoulder.

Leslie, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I went through that with my Father and I know how tough it is. Hang in there! And email me! I'll be checking email from Guatemala...

Kathy -- Sounds fabulous. I know you're going to soak it all up!! I love traveling solo, too, but I'm not as good as you are at meeting people so I'm especially jealous on that account! Sounds like you have a very rich, wonderfully energizing trip planned. Have a ball!

Kathy, have a wonderful trip. It sounds like Guatemala has really become something special for you. Looking forward to reading about your adventures while you're there!

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