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How did I end up with a cat in Guatemala?

So here's the story.

I'm out the other night with my friends Yael and Julia. We wanted to go out and spend their last night here in Antigua having some fun. We went to a movie, we had drinks, and we had dinner. Nice.

So then it happened. SHIT! We're coming home and we here a desperate cry from a cat coming from behind their studio. Julia says she's heard it since early that morning. It's late. It's cold. We stand there ooing at one another and then I say it: Okay, so we're doing this.

I say it in that way you say something when you know it could turn out poorly. You say it in that way that says you know you're opening a door you might not want to walk through. You have to understand I am a cat woman. I don't take these things lightly.

I go to fetch the flashlight out of my studio and when I come back Yael and Julia have found the cat, who it turns out is a kitten, trapped in a box that someone had clearly chucked there. Someone chucked a little cat in a box. If you only knew the wicked evil thoughts I'm having right now...

So there's this little bitty thing running around howling bloody murder late at night and we're trying to catch him. This is not a place where animals are often revered and kept safe. I am told this is not the first time someone has found a cat or dog who was chucked in a box. Wicked evil thoughts again here.

By now we've got the property night guard involved and he's trying to help. I finally sit in one place and quietly call to the kitten. He comes to me. He's freakin' adorable. Shit...

He's flirty, he's got personality, he's in great shape and he has more to say than anyone I know. I finally pick him up and take him into the girls studio. They agree to keep him or the night and are as attached to him as I am. Yael and I also agree that we will share the costs for shots as I will be the one who has to take care of him until we can find him a home.



He is about 10-12 weeks old and he's one of the finest cats I have ever met. I utterly adore him. He slept in bed with me last night, curled up against me. Didn't move. He adores me too. Oh, and he has an appointment for his shots in less than an hour. Yeah, I'm like that. Once I commit I see it through.

Olga, the woman who manages where I am staying, has a young woman who works for her. This woman has a small boy of six. She has said she will take the kitty. I know that, I do. but just the same, I'm checking into what it takes to get a cat to America from here. I am told it is expensive and difficult. And I have two cats! And I'm allergic!


Then I come back to find this little beast playing with the toy mouse I bought him. Yes, I bought him a mouse, and litter. I am trying to train him to use a litter box. Rather unheard of here as pretty much all cats are outdoor cats. There is only ONE brand of litter here, Tidy Cat, and it's ungodly expensive.



How did I end up with a cat in Guatemala? AM I CRAZY?

What to do...

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Crikey mate! :) :)


Karma, that's how -- and 'sides, he knows a good thing when it happens upon him! He's adorable. I love his perky ears and bright eyes -- Those eyes say it all in the photo, and such a pose! "Look out world, I've been saved and here I am!" Wonderful colour on those paws, too.

Personally, I think it's a sign :-) You know what to do.

I think "tamale" is a good name for him -- don't know why ;-)


Awwwwwwwwwwwwww...you're a softie in both hemispheres (of the world, that is)! That is one lucky gato.

Kathy, he is adorable, how could you not fall for him? But, yes you are completely crazy... in a wonderful, loving way, of course.

Charity B:

Yes, Kathy, we all know you are crazy. But we all know you also have a big heart!
Let him stay in Guatemala, though. It's his home.

Yessirreee, this is the Jimmy Swaggart of the Kitty world, he been SAVED. He was in a box, doomed on a back street in the middle of the night in central american city where there is too little dreaming going on for anyone much less a grey striped kitty in a box, and what happens, YOU come whistling down the road and BAM the second of his seven lives has just started. To me, his expression says, Damn that box was really pissing me off, you took long enough, godess of the north. Now wattcha gonna do with me? HUH?

Charity, I'd be happy to leave him here with the right people if I thought he would be well cared for. The issue is he can't be placed while he is still not litter trained and so many cats here are very very sick. I merely want to give him a chance at a good life. I will decide in days if that means he comes with me or stays here. There is a good chance he will come with me. One way or the other he will be taken care of. I am getting tests done to see if he has feline leukemia and that will help guide things. I will not do anything to put my girl cats in danger and cats with feline leukemia are not permitted entry to the States. I will know soon what my choices are...

And may I just say he is CRAZY cute. And so expressive!

Oh my Kathy, you are blessed as the "cat lady". I am in the process of helping to place another cat form around here. I love my kitties I wish I could save them all.

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