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I said I was ready for a new man but....

I didn't plan on him being a cat!

Senor Woody is getting his passport and immigration papers today. The vet is sending a man into Guatemala City to do it all for me. That means a trip to the Department of Agriculture and another one to the American Embassy to ask permission for him to come with me! I am off to get his cat carrier and some sedative drops next. He's a talker, this little new man in my life, and ain't no way I'm putting him, myself and my fellow travelers through THAT kind of stress!

Come to Guatemala, drink Mojitos, flirt with handsome men, make fabulous new girlfriends, buy native crafts, eat great food, study some Spanish and... adopt a cat.

Yeah, it's like that...


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Such a handsome boy! I'm loving his little nose with the markings. Welcome to the new addition!

Hey, he can help his new adopted sisters learn Spanish for when they go and he'll be able to show them 'round ;-)

How gorgeous!

He's adorable and so lucky to have found you!

OH MY GOD YOU ARE REALLY DOING IT!!! You are amazing!!

That kitten is so very precious. Kudos to you for bringing him home!


He's adorable, Kathy!

Good for you! And good for him for finding you!

Mindy Smith:

He is so adorable and you are too! Your new man has captured all of our hearts!!

How is the new guy in your life? He looks so sweet!

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