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Senor Gato

Just a quick update on the cat situation.

I took him for his shots yesterday and he is perfectly healthy. The vet told me it is not as hard as I thought to take him back with me if I choose to. It will cost about $140 for the certificate and that includes the vet having to go to the American Embassy in Guatemala City to get the papers stamped and get "permission." Then there is the $30 fee the Embassy charges. Then there is the cat carrier to buy, cat airline ticket to get, etc. The vet said it is all doable. Oy vey carumba...

The thing is he was never trained and pees on the bed. I am training him and he finally used his litter box this morning. I was the proud mama yelling to my friends to come and see. Totally insane, I know. You just have to understand that this little guy came to me and he hasn't left. I am considering taking him home and then maybe either keeping him or giving him to a friend. This way I would know he would get a good home and I would be able to see him. Here it is questionable, to say the least. The young woman who wanted to take him now says she's afraid he'll run away when she's at work. She is very poor and probably does not live in the best situation. So, one down.

Everyone is in love with Senor Gato. Olga, the manager of El Rosario, where I am staying, is cleaning the blanket he peed on and said it's no problem. The people who work on the grounds are coming to see him and offering me up the names of vets to help. Senor Gato is now famous. I am in possession of a famous cat.

Oh, and my Spanish lessons are going really well and I'm having a fabulous time. My days here are full and I am letting the good stuff find me.


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If you bring him home, don't you worry how your other cats will react?

oh my god. Can I help? Do we need to start another cat fund? I am ready!!

Diana, I must confess I am a bit overwhelmed. I didn't think I'd spend much on this trip so did not bring my main credit card with me. I finally made contact with the American vet here who is so recommended and she said many cats here have feline leukemia. I now have to get him tested as if he has it I couldn't bring him back anyway. I also need to get a urinalysis done as he keeps peeing in my bed. I might have to use someone's credit card for expenses and then pay then right back when I return. I didn't plan on this!!!

I have a man here who is interested in taking him. The issue is the peeing thing. I am training him as clearly no one did, but it will take time( He pees in the litter box when I lock him in the bathroom).He will be impossible to place until this is done. I could place him in the States easily enough (if I did not keep him) once I've trained him out of the peeing in bed thing. This is probably why someone abandoned him. The vet said it must be emotional and could also be that he has an infection. The Guatemalan vet was an idiot for not even thinking of these things!

Kim, I am mindful of my other two girl cats. I am so torn about this and do not want to do anything to upset my cats, but he is a kitten so he would be easier to introduce into the cat family. I didn't plan on this. I am just trying to save this little cats life!


And you're doing a good job of it Kathy, by doing everything you can. You have a huge heart of gold, with no way of leaving him to what we know his fate would've been. To dump an innocent animal because it doesn't pee where it should?? Rubbish! I saw enough of this kind of animal abuse in Italy, constantly finding boxes of tiny kittens and puppies abandoned in the heat or cold.

Our rewards come from knowing that we have done right, and saved an innocent life. As Gandhi said: The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I believe we can also say the greatness of a person can be judged by the way it treats animals.

You are doing good.


And know always that you have people you can count on when you need it :-)

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