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Views of Antigua

I am sitting at Academia Colonial, my Spanish school and second home in Antigua now, using the WiFi and drinking coffee. The air is warm and gentle on my skin and I can hear bits and pieces of Spanish and English doing that familiar dance around me. The sun is lazy in the sky trying to decide in this late afternoon if it is ready to move on toward the night. I can hear the rattle of pick up trucks outside through the open doors and the occasional louder rumble of the chicken busses.

I am content. Just utterly and deliciously content.

I thought I'd take a moment to share some images of Antigua with you before I head off to dinner and then champagne with a new friend in the evening. Today was lunch at my friend Nancy's on a big table with shared dreams of lives filled with travel and freedom. I love my life here. Truly.


There are guards everywhere in Antigua


The famous chicken bus that no longer carries chickens


A favorite outdoor cafe/nursery


The colors of Antigua


The road to where I am staying. I am in the light colored building on the right.


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My goodness you are staying in a warm and colorful place!

I am in the wind, the cold and the bare leafed drab at the moment. (55 minutes of playground duty in the South Pole winds yesterday.) Ok, I do have one daffodil and one jonquil out in my windswept front yard. :)

I am enjoying so much all your tales from your trip. It sounds like you are having the most relaxing, rejuvenating time -- a real "fill 'er up!" I am so happy that the sun - and everything else -- is shining on you and that you're meeting fabulous women to commune with. And even a cool cat! Just keep soaking it all up.

sue smith:

Kathy...I just got back in town and read Single as a Slice of Cheese...you are a pea in my pod...travel safely..sue (susa) from slowtrav

Wonderful, Kathy. Stay warm and content. Bring all of that back with you to LA.

Beautiful photos! I am happy to read that you are once again enjoying yourself in Antigua - this time with a new special kitten friend!


¿Qué hace el gato hacer durante todo el día mientras usted está en la escuela el aprendizaje de español?

¡El Señor Woody es un gato muy afortunado!

I traveled in one of those chicken buses 30 years ago. They haven't changed one bit!

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