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Cat love

When I brought this little four month old man home from Guatemala I never realized how much he'd effect my life. My heart has grown about three sizes since he came to me. I have daily epiphanies about what I need to change in my life and what I've been missing. I feel nothing but pure unadulterated love 24-7 and he's reminded me how much I need play in my life.

I'm all about the play now.

I highly recommend taking a kitten or puppy in who needs a home. And yes, it IS possible to take a cat or dog home from other countries. More than anything else it takes commitment and perseverance, that and a supportive vet who will help you through it.

Yes, I got detained FIVE TIMES in Mexico City trying to bring him home and almost took down a bitchy Air Mexicana representative who tried to stop me from boarding the plane. Yes, I had to ask two pilots for permission to board their planes with a kitten in tow. It was not easy, I assure you. I was in tears by the time my second flight took off. Getting a kitten in the cabin of an Air Mexican plane is like asking to board with big ass scissors in hand. And I imagine it's easier to get heroin through Mexico City airport than a wee kitten in a wee carrier. Good grief. Not a fan of that airport. Nope.

Ah, but then I got home and this little man let me know just how happy he was to be here with me and, well, what trouble getting him here? Come again?

Woody's vet in Antigua was Cynthia Burski, D.V.M. She is an American living in Guatemala and she is compassionate, kind and just plain wonderful. She sent someone into Guatemala City to get all Woody's immigration papers and letters of permission for me. I could tell she wanted me to take him home with me. I would have been completely lost without her. We love you, Cynthia!

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How are your other two going?

Big girl Trixie STILL hisses every time poor little Pyewacket walks by.

But then, I suppose, it's Trixie's way of interacting...

And Trixie tries to MURDER the two blasted outdoor cats from nexr door who perch on our window sills - so I suppose Pye is getting off lightly!

And as both Alessandro's Trixie and (the house cat) Pyewacket live in my room - they do end up getting along.

Kathy :

Leslie, Willow is clearly a bit smitten with him and does occasionally chase him through the house and whap him. I notice she's playing more which is good as she gained weight when I was away!

Chutney just growls and hisses and doesn't know what to make of him. She's more scared of him then he is of her. She looks at him likes he's al alien!

That all said, they all eat mere inches apart and the two sisters seem to know they have not been usurped. I have been loving on them like mad so they feel safe. It's all working out nicely...

Oh, and Willow attacks the screen when the local stray cat comes around. She goes into kill mode and usually in the middle of the night. Needless to say I don't get a lot of sleep. *heavy sigh*


You make a cute couple!

Kathy :

Patty, best man I've had in my life in years! And my dad would love him. You know how he loved the cat folk.

Can't believe all you had to go to to get him home. Good grief!!!!! He is one lucky little kitty.

We're getting ready to leave our temporary home for another one. My husband is worried sick about who's going to take as good care of the sick older cat as he has (answer: nobody).

: (

Glad you and Mr. Gato are happy and that the other two cats seem to be adapting to him.

Kathy, you are opening up your world with a alot of love---you are expanding as I write this. This was no little feat that you pulled off! AHHHHHHHH! Stubborn women with soul. Makes me want to come and sit on your sofa and drink a tea and take a nap with you and the cats.

A girl and her cat! There's nothing better! Kiss him on the nose for me!


All of my pets in recent memory (at least 20 years) have been strays in my neighborhood. I don't dare go to the animal shelter because I would want to take them ALL home with me!

You did a wonderful thing bringing Senor Woody home with you. He looks like a sweetie.

Can I come and meet your kitties sometime?

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