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For your viewing pleasure

Let me see... Sarah Palin:

- Hunts and kills wild animals for sport

- Wants to take away my right as a woman to control my own body

- Would rather have teenagers birthing babies than practicing safe sex

- Has said she is open to an attack on Russia

- Doesn't believe in science (it's all God's will)

- Doesn't believe in the separation of church and state

- Doesn't support benefits for same sex couples

- And until very recently didn't even have a freaking passport?

Yeah, I'm with you Pam.

She sure can.

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yes she can.


In fact, she can do it twice.

Kathy :

So glad to see my fellow strong chicks thinking the very same thing...

I am so leaving the US if the unthinkable happens. Mark my words!


And here I was thinking that I'd only return to the US after idiot-boy left office, because I had high hopes that things would change. Now I'm thinking no.

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