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Rumbar: Best little bar in Antigua, Guatemala

I have discovered the perfect little spot for cocktails and cheer in Antigua. Do you remember the TV show CHEERS and how Norm would walk through the door and everyone yelled out his name in that welcoming kind of way? Yes, Rumbar is like that! Jean Paul Lagarde (an American chap from New Orleans) and his partners have created a sweet little spot where the drinks are always tasty and the Jumbalaya and Quesadillas are out of this world. Gabi, the chef, who also happens to hold gourmet cooking classes there, makes some of the yummiest treats you can imagine. And Jean Paul makes a mean custard with berries that is now one of my favorite desserts going. My vote?



I've spent many a night at RumBar and why on earth wouldn't I? Where else in town can I go and plop myself down on cushions in a fabulous upstairs loft while drinking killer Mojitos? And it is both utterly unpretentious and wonderfully inviting. There is an intimacy at RumBar that makes even the solo traveler feel embraced and welcomed. I am now a loyal fan. And I'm not even a bar person. Yes, I am a hard sell. And yes, it takes a lot to get my stamp of approval. Consider it done.

Stairs up to the loft


The loft is lush, sexy and utterly inviting


Looking for a Spanish school in Antigua, Guatemala? Try Academia Colonial, my Spanish school when I'm in town and another Jean paul venture. Looking for authentic Guatemalan cooking classes in Antigua, Guatemala? Try a private class with Gabi, also in the same space, and for $55 you get to shop locally and pick out your ingredients, cook up a storm and invite 2 guests to join you for a private feast! Want cocktails to finish things off? Head over to the front of the building and slip into that sexy little place called Rumbar and have yourself a delicious libation. The welcome is always warm, the cocktails are always cold and the music is always sexy.

What more can you ask?

Tell Jean Paul Kathy sent you. And try the Ron Botran 12 year old Guatemalan Rum with some nice icy cold coke. You won't regret it...


RUMBAR is located at 7A Calle Poniente No. 11 in Antigua, Guatemala.


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Looks like you had a fabulous trip!
And what about that kitten! My goodness!

Leslie, it became the trip that I didn't plan due to adopting the kitten but I had such a grand time with new friends there. Jean Paul's Spanish school and bar were my daily bread. I even got to bring my laptop there to use the free WiFi every day! And daily fresh baked banana bread with tea and really good coffee on hand. Happy me...

The whole thing sounds heavenly. Are you home now?

Diana, I am home. I'll write about getting Senor Woody home next. It was no easy thing, let me tell you!

Might have been easier to take Jean Paul home with you.

You wicked woman! Nope, not that kind of a relationship. I picked up a boy cat on this trip. Perhaps the right man will be next...

Dumb question but exactly what is a Mojito? The custard sounds heavenly and the bar seems to be very welcoming. Is there a lot of cigarette smoking down there? Or maybe I should say up there from where I am :)

Kathy :

girasoli, they do smoke a lot down there. I walk outside a lot, though it's not bad at Rumbar. People were smoking at the movie I saw!

Ah, Mojitos. Hopefully you and I will meet up one day and we can have one together...

This one's for you!


Sounds like a great idea! I checked out the link - they sound yummy!


Ms. Kathy,

My name is Kevin and I stumbled onto your blog through google (imagine that). I am headed to Antigua in a couple of weeks to study Spanish tentatively at Academia Colonial. Your blog has been so helpful already, but I was wondering if you could share some thoughts with me about the school. Was it a good experience? How did you find it? How did it compare with other schools you might have seen there? Any help or pointers you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for your help, and I appreciate your passion for Antigua, you obviously love it there.

Peace, Kevin

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