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Bobbit Head attacks again!

Dear Barbara Walters,

If she's not even listening to you, well, you know what to do....

Send her unintelligent and uninformed little self off to Fox News where the big bad nasty sharks can eat her up. She'll make yummy fish food. Shall I send help to box her up and cart her off? Feel free to e-mail me if I can be of service.

Peace, love, om...

Kathy Bray

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To have Sherry (who was not sure if the world was flat) argue intelligently with Bobbit Head, that really says something!

Kathy :

I know! Sherry said she actually believes in Noah's Ark. She's not exactly the sharpest tack in the box. But she held her own today. I see some rifting taking place. Methinks Bobbit Head is slowly but surely alienating all of those women.

I don't even know these people. Am I missing something?

Kathy :

Angie, it's an American morning show that is hosted by 4 women including Whoopi Goldberg. It has gotten a LOT of press lately because of Elizaeth Hasselbeck's nasty campaign against Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. She's a real right wing conservative and a dumb one at that.

Someone needs to tell her to stuff it already...let's talk about the financial crises or something else that's very relevant in today's world.
I get that and I'm not even living in the US! Who pays her enormous salary, I wonder?

Still, our own Stevie-boy wonder, our about-to-be next Prime Minister in the election in a few days, can likely hold a pretty good candle to that kind of insanity that Elizabeth is spouting. So, they are all around, aren't they?

It's comforting to see that a few inmates try to run the asylum in all of our respective countries, when it comes to politics and not just in mine!

Thanks for posting this one, Kathy...I missed it.


Hey, I can't get the clip to play .... oh wait, there it goes. It keeps starting and stopping. Is anyone else having issues?

Kathy :

Kim, i just watched it again and it worked for me just fine. Maybe your connection?

Check out this blog post:
The blog is written by two women in their 80's and is hilarious!!

wowwwwwwwwwww. she's terrible. she DOES belong on Fox news. Did you see that interview with the Obama spokesman and some Fox chick who kept saying "We at FOX NEWS are the unbiased source of information."???!! What planet are these people from? And Barbara -- she must be mortified (that she hired this girl and gave her a platform)

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