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Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a flaming idiot!


I have to say this. I JUST HAVE TO.

I am a fan of the morning television show The View. It is my ocassional morning indulgence. Yep.

Well it has become harder and harder to watch. That conservative, airhead, once-upon-a-time-I-was-a-chick-on-that-dreadful-Survivor-show Elizabeth Hasselbeck makes me want to crawl through the screen and put my bony hands round her throat and shake until she stops talking. She is a perfect example of someone in the public eye who sets out to smear anyone who dares represent something they don't understand or accept.

She's on my LIST.

And of course she likes that super perky winking wackadoo Sarah Palin. They both took their 15 minutes of fame to launch public careers for themselves. Palin was a beauty Queen hopeful and Hasselbeck was a reality show Queen hopeful.

Same difference.

Watch this video and you'll understand my absolute contempt for this bobbit head.

Oh, she's the blondie with the big mouth and bad attitude.

Peace, love, om....

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I am sooo glad you posted this! I have seen her last couple of idiotic arguments on Huffington Post. She is definitely an idiot! I can't believe Barbara Walters has not kicked her off yet. I am boycotting that show until she does.


There is nothing else I can say. I will exorcise her from my consciousness with my deep inner vibration.

I was waiting for her head to spin around on her body and for her to start spewing vomit.

What is it with people? oh well. om.


God, I have NEVER been able to stand that women!

Right wing convservative twat!

Ok that's all...


Oh wow that is so bad! She really is awful. Whoopi did great, though, reminding everybody that it is about an acquaintance of Obama, not Obama, while the Keating thing is about McCain himself.

Kathy :

Leslie, she IS a right ring conservative twat! Love it! But it is good to have balanced views and opposing opinions on that show. It's just that she is so stupid and closed minded and loves the sound of her own nails on chalkboard voice. She's like that bobbing chihuahua thing people have in their cars in the back window. You just want to whack them both and make them stop!


Personally, I find her assinine and it kills me that The View is giving her a forum to spread her propaganda because - let's face it - it's propogranda in the worst sense of the word.

Kathy :

Yes, it is "propogranda" and it makes me sick!

i've written to the show to voice my opinions and to ask them to fire Hasselbeck. She is a blight on that show. It's time for them to replace her with someone who actually has a brain.

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