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Embracing solidarity

During a time of such extreme division and polarization I am joining the ranks of those adopting Barack Obama's middle name. It is a sad time in the world when someone's middle name is used against them as a means to somehow negate all that they represent and all the good they can do. Not all that long ago a Jewish name was seen as a negative. Are we really that ass backward, still?

I've had to look long and hard at my own prejudices during the last few years and this election has really made me take pause and see so clearly how ugly and hateful people can get and how ignorance is the greatest culprit. An open mind leads to an open heart. I am trying very hard to have both right now.

So, until November 5th my name is Katherine Hussein Bray.

Deal with it.


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It makes me so sad to see so many still in that place of prejudice and hatred. I don't think I could live in a place that was not a multi-cultural setting where for most, people are just people, not black people, white people, yellow people.

I try to tell myself it is ignorance but it is 2008!! It is time to get over this "I am better than you" attitude because I am a "real American", a white American, a person from "small town" America, the "real Virgina", etc. etc.!!

Kathy :

Amen, sista! I am so angry at McCain and that wackadoo Palin for making this such s divisive campaign. Their behavior is very anti-American in my book and totally anti-progressive. We need to be uniting and moving forward, not dividing and sliding backward. They are not part of the American I know and love. HELL NO.

Long live diversity!

As Obama said at the Al Smith Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, (paraphrasing),"My first name is Swahili for That One. My middle name was given to me by someone who clearly never thought I would be running for President of the United States." He sees the humor in it himself, after all, what else can he do? He is a person who challenges all the dark side of the American experience in terms of race and religion (even though he is a one car owning, relatively conservative lifestyle embracing, half white guy). Barrier breakers always pose risk for the masses. Fear contracts and makes people's dark side emerge. All we can do is proceed with love through these treacherous times.


Kathy, I love the middle name idea--very clever. It would be interesting wouldn't it to use a name such as that--female version--sometime and see what the reaction would be. I bet we would find ourselves being perceived quite differently.

I enjoyed the little bit of time we had together this weekend. I think I have a new friend.

Happy Hallowe'en! :)

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