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Yes We Can

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Good Girl!

Yes I did!!! By absentee ballot from Paris to Washington, DC. In fact, my ballot was the FIRST piece of mail we received in our new mailbox at our new home.

And we just got our internet hooked up so I'M BACK!!!

Can't wait for the news overnight (Europe time) and to wake up to a brand new day tomorrow!!!!

Kathy :

He nabbed Ohio and Penn. He's got it in the bag! I'm drinking B&B and soaking it all in. I am happy tonight...

Kim, so glad you sent it in from Paris! You're my kind of chick. Oh yes...


Yes, yes, yes!!!!

You betcha I did!! 63,378,953 Americans voted for Barack Obama...our next President of the USA!!

It's funny. I knew my vote didn't "matter" in terms of a real (i.e. Electoral College) victory -- and indeed, Washington DC voted Obama by 93%, so my vote didn't change a thing. But I wanted to be part of those 60-some million expressing my voice!

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