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In memory of Natasha Richardson

I was a great fan of Natasha Richardson. I was therefore deeply saddened to hear of her untimely death stemming from a simple fall while skiing in Canada. The saddest part of the story is that had she gotten help immediately she may very well have survived. She walked away and declined medical attention. She was brain dead mere hours later. They call it "talk and die syndrome." Neurologists are very well versed in this type of tragedy. One minute the person is talking and laughing and all the while they are bleeding in the brain. The damage has been done and unless it is dealt with immediately there is no hope.

I know from here on out if I ever take any sort of impact to the head I will get it checked immediately. Perhaps Natasha's death has had this same impact on many of us. Here's hoping...

THIS LINK takes you to a video timeline of the course of events that led to Natasha's death. I found it incredibly moving and terribly sad.

I will miss her great talent. She was a truly lovely woman.


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Charity B:

Kathy, are you going to Guatemala in April for the Yoga class?
Tell me how things are going with you, please!
With affection, Charity

Kathy :

Charity, we had to postpone our retreat in April but I am looking at doing one at the same place in November of December. I will be down in Guatemala later this month or the beginning of May with Simon. We've finally going to get to spend time there together! Sort or a belated honeymoon. i'll keep you posted on everything. Thanks for the kind words...

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