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A quick note from Guatemala

We landed in guatemala City on Tuesday and were greeted by masked employees wearing gloves. This swine flu thing is being taken very seriously . That said, coming into Antigua not one person was in a mask and life is full and vibrant here as usual. I was feeling under the weather after we arrived but two hot toddies of 12 year old Guatemalan rum, lime and sugar did the trick! Simon is loving it here as much as I do which is a good thing. We are enjoying our room at Casa Cristina and our days are full of wonder and play. I'll write more as I go along. Must go have a latte at Fernando's Kaffe and start my day....

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Glad you are there safely, I was wondering what flu precautions you would find in place. Enjoy the sun, the rum and the man.

Have a great tip. It is nice to share your favorites with the man you love.

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