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Back to Guatemala with man in tow

Simon and I will be heading down to Guatemala next week and look forward to ten days of adventure and play! When we met he was planning on going down to explore Guatemala on his own and loved my stories about my travels there. We decided that we really wanted to share the experience together. It is a journey we both know we are destined to take together. travelers.jpg Ah, we shall see where the days take us....

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Hi - touching base and catching up - have a great time on your trip.

Real life is keeping me VERY busy this days. :)


I hope you two have a wonderful time on your trip.

Maybe you will blog while you are there?


Hasta la vista mis amigos - and do stay healthy, please - have a great trip.

Have a wonderful time and yes, stay healthy. :)


Glad to see you are Traveling again! Have a great trip!

Alma Osorio:

we going to antigua in 3 days... do you recommend taking a laptop?

Kathy :

Hi Alma,

Welcome to my blog! Yes, I always take my laptop with me. I like to blog, book hotels, keep in touch with people, listen to music and watch movies on it at night. A must have in my book.

Have a great trip and let me know how things go!

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