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Hola from Santa Cruz la Laguna

Simon and I are happily settled into Hotel Isla Verde in Santa Cruz and our casita hangs out over the cliffs and we have a perfect view of the lake. In a word? HEAVEN....

Okay, so there is no real hot water to speak of and the man staying above us never stops talking! We laugh in bed at night at his running commentary and wonder how his wife can deal with him. That all said, we sleep to the sounds of nature and the wildlife here and when it rains the sound simply lulls us to sleep. Our bathroom is open air and we take showers while looking out over the land and lake. It really is kind of magical.

I was sick with something for two days -methinks something crawled up inside me and freaking died! - but indulging in things like fresh papaya, banana and yogurt shakes will surely heal me right up. Yep.

So, off to drink said shake and swing in the canoe swing with the man. Life is, well, kind of fabulous....

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Oh my gosh, look at you, travelling again. :)

Have a great time!


Happy to hear the good parts, take care of the tummy, tho (come on, you know I had to do the mummy thing). Can't wait to hear the details when you return.

Have a terrific time, enjoy life's pleasures!


It sounds as if you are having a wonderful time!

Look forward to seeing photos when you return.

Sounds like a great place to stay. Hope your stomach thing clears up fast. Enjoy your stay!

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