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Summer, Love and Lessons.

I've been busy with the new husband and life these past few months. Travel to Guatemala, teaching yoga and lots of training woven in. This solo chick has been adjusting to not being so solo all the time. Thankfully, Simon is an adventurer and solo traveler as well so we have found we have a great rythm when we travel together. I'll keep traveling solo as well, of course. Perhaps I've found the best of both worlds? Much gratitude these days. Many lessons as well.

And now there's Summer...

I'll be in San Francisco next month for a week doing another Restorative Yoga training with my teacher, Judith Lasater, and have several other trainings up my sleeve bringing me to the end of Summer. There is talk of a trip to Australia to meet the In-Laws and there is talk of a trip to Europe come Fall! I am restless and suffering from a serious bout of wanderlust.

Travel is my salve and salvation...

I am grateful for a lot these days and am reminded that less and less I can make space for those who offer me nothing more than hot air or words that drop off the screen like dying flies. Perhaps this Summer has made me clearer on many levels and less inclined to engage in needless expended energy. Alas, growth can hurt. Yes. I am growing.

We make time for those who make time for us. Excuses become insults. And really, after a while, you just stop picking up the phone or answering the emails. Life is short, after all. I say live it fully and authentically.

Live honorably, make space for those special and dear to you, stay fully present with love and savor a wild sense of adventure.

These are my mantras.

Happy Summer...



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Good to see you posting, Kathy. We miss you over on Slow Travel.

Kathy :

Thanks, Nancy! I miss some of you over there as well and will pop on to check in soon.

Happy Summer to you, too! Sounds like you've got the right idea.

Kathy :

Thanks, Rebecca! So nice to hear from you...


How right you are in your life's philosophy! I am going that direction now as well... getting rid of toxic elements in my life and ignoring other toxicity that brings no joy and ruins my days... Hard line to take (as I am so used to giving and hardly taking) but I am learning...

Happy summer!

Kathy :

Eden, brava! A hard line to take, but a harder one not to, you know? When we replace the negative influences that drain us of our soul juice, we make room for the positive ones that will make us downright juicy...

Enjoy your new found detachment from the toxic. Deep breath!

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