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Thai Yoga Massage workshop with Saul David Raye

I've been savoring a weekend long Thai Yoga Massage workshop with Saul David Raye this weekend at Exhale Center For Sacred Movement in Venice. Thus far I've given and received two simple and amazing Thai Yoga Massages and tomorrow, the last day, we'll dive in a bit more to go, well, deeper.


I'm seriously considering Saul's 9 day residential certificate training up in Ojai at the end of October. It sounds utterly delish and I am finding that so much of what we are doing is similiar to what I already incorporate into my Restorative Yoga classes. I find it incredibly validating as it's that yummy feeling you get when you start doing something and it's like, look at me! I'm doing what I love! Pretty freakin' exciting, really. And what a great way to get a taste for it. A weekend workshop is the way to go, especially in these touch economic times. Start slow and see if you like it. All good things in time...

I came home and practiced on Simon tonight. I left him all blissed out in bed. Good stuff. I can tell he's looking at me in a whole new way.

Who am I kidding. The man just wants more massages.


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Hi, Teachick: You're living the life I want...I'm currently working in a job I hate, in a place that doesn't move with my vibes. I'm sending out vibes to the universe for something what works with my energy. I'm teaching 1 yoga class but want more training, how can you support yourself, teach, and train? It's really good to know that someone is making it work..

Kathy :

Hi Gayle,

I can only tell you that it has not always been easy. I am blessed to have the opportunities that I have right now in my life. It wasn't always this way, I assure you! I believe first and foremost in investing in myself. My education now at this point in my life is travel and training. The two t's! Many go back to graduate school or even on to get Ph.D's. My yoga and massage trainings are my version of graduate school. And really, they are far less expensive and far more healing and rewarding.

Keep believing in yourself and your gift and take baby steps. Perhaps a window will open that affords you the ability to train more and find a job and place that better suits your "vibes." We all deserve to follow a path that lights us up from within and makes us all shiny and bright. Truly....

Yes, come to Ojai...and then meet me in Ventura for a glass of wine:-)

Kathy :

Rebecca, I was just thinking the very same thing! If I do end up doing this training then it's a given. You're on for that glass of wine. :-)

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