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THE SPRING: a great find to unwind

It's been a tough couple of weeks. Lots going on and equal amounts of stress to match it. I can feel it in my body.

Big time.

So, what's a girl to do when things get crazy and life is nipping at her toes? This one is grabbing the man and heading out to the desert for three blissful days of sun, soak and sauna at The Spring in Desert Hot Springs. I've been having sinus attacks, fatigue and seriously tweaky aches and pains. My body is telling me that I better detach for a while or I just might implode!

This girl loves a deal and THE SPRING is offering an oh-so-fabulous one during the Summer season. I am happy to report that we are getting our third night free and oh, what we get for our money! Mineral pools with some of the healthiest water in the world, mineral hot tub, sauna, desert heat and the feel of the glorious sun on our skin. Did I mention breakfast? Included! We're packing some basics to cook, a few bottles of something decadent and settling in to hibernate there. Laptops are coming as they offer free WiFi and we can watch movies on them. Books are coming as, well, there is nothing finer than reading a book on your private chaise lounge chair by the pool while drinking something utterly delicious and thirst quenching.


The Spring gets amazing reviews on Trip Advisor and it's just what we want: uncomplicated and low vibration. It's also an incredibly affordable way to get out of town and decompress. Two hours out of Los Angeles and we're in heaven.



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I think my feet are making their own reservations. Looks like a great place!

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