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Mineral baths, Pappy & Harriet's and more...

It's day three of our stay here at The Spring. We've just had dinner under the stars at our little table by our front door and now we're about to head off to the hot mineral tub, then to the sauna, then to the pool and then to the middle road mineral soaking pool. It's all water all the time!

I can see the things that need to be improved here at The Spring and will write more about that when I get home. I can tell you that the staff is bar none and wonderfully warm and friendly. There really is nothing that they won't do to make your stay here a happy one. And it's very chill here. It is NOT pretentious or high brow. It caters to everyone and everyone is made to feel welcome. I'm not a fan of snooty, special-fussy places.

Not my thing.

We have been happy with our room (number one) here at The Spring though they do need to rework things so that two chaise lounge chairs fit by the door and have some sort of shade option. We have only one and it's right on the walking path with no shade at all. We do have the most private kitchen and studio, thankfully, but it does lack a place to lie out in the shade that the other rooms seem to offer. That said, our kitchen is tucked away in the back so no one can see us. We can cook naked and not a soul can peer in. Nice! The other rooms that come with kitchens (only five of the ten have them) face the pool and so unless you close your shades you get no privacy. I happen to like the nakedness option. I like the privacy of our kitchen tucked away from everyone else. It suits us.

We went up to Pappy&Harriet's last night in Pioneertown (about a 25-30 minute drive) as it is our favorite hang out in the desert and the food can't be beat. We also got to take in some down home live music and enjoyed the sounds of Linnzi Zaorski & C.W. Stoneking. Linnzi sang 40's tunes while C.W. Stoneking , who happens to be from Australia which made Simon very happy, sang some serious Hokum blues. What a perfect way to spend the night! Then back home to our little oasis in the desert. It's nice to strike that balance.

Haven't you heard? The desert is the place to be...


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