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Life script writing 101: NEW RULES

People always say that it's not easy to change your life. I say those are the people who are still sadly stuck in their old script, the one written for them long ago, the one friends, family and colleagues have cast them in. This is just the reality of things. I get it and I understand. The question now is, are you ready to burn it?

Changing your life starts with the simplest of things: you begin to write the script for your life that has the things in it that turn you on. You know, make you all shiny and bright. You draft the script that you want to play the lead in! You become your own writer, editor and story boarder. The only opinion that counts is your own.

I kid you not. Your opinion is not only the only one you need it is freaking brilliant at that.

The people in your life who nag at you, beg you to stay in that familiar script, continue to demand that you stay where you are as anything else just plain freaks them out are the ones to perhaps leave out of the new and improved script of your life - the one YOU are writing. I mean really, do you want critics in your life judging your every move and looking upon you with that disapproving you-should-know-better look? Hello?

Exits are in the rear of the building. Make sure to get your parking ticket validated on the way out. Safe travels and remember to buckle up!

When we change we often frighten, unsettle, mystify and rattle those around us. The ones who have a pure heart and want only what is truly best for our own growth and our own life journey will applaud our courage and tenacity. There may be some initial resistance or trepidation, but that will pass. They will dance along with us and encourage us to go further. The ones who will not?

Ditch 'em.

I can tell you from own my life journey, my own redirection and rewriting of my own life script that I have had to do some serious house cleaning to lovingly let go of the naysayers, the threatened ones who wanted to keep me in my box and the ones casting judgement. It has been painful at times and my world surely got a bit smaller at first, oh yes. But it has also slowly gotten far richer and more interesting. I have made way for the like minded life writers and we have embraced each other's scripts. We are aware of the sacrifices we have made to do those rewrites. And every last one of us will tell you the very same thing: No regrets.

I mean really, how dare we take the time to find new paths, to travel the world and experience new cultures, to see and taste new things, to feel alive and to live the lives that make our souls sing. Are we barking mad? Are we reckless beasts only out for our own happiness and pleasure?

How utterly and deliciously wicked we are!!!

So, here's the question: what would you like your new life script to look like? In your perfect world free from doubt and the voices of those who might tell you to stay just where you are, what would your life look like? What script changes would you like to make? Who would you like to become?



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Thanks, I needed to hear that.

Kathy :

Kendall, my pleasure. There are moments that I have to remind myself again as well. I get it!

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