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Taking time out at The Spring Resort and Spa

I'm here out in Desert Hot Springs at The Spring Resort and Spa with Simon and we are having a delightful time doing nothing but swimming, soaking and spa-ing. There has been crazy wind out here so this is the first time I've had internet since we arrived yesterday. To be honest, it's nice to have a break from the big bad world and just, well, decompress.

Much needed.

As a surprise to me, and given the ongoing sinus pain I've been having due to allergies, Simon surprised me and booked me in for a sinus facial today with Mila. It was by far one of the nicest facials I have ever had! I left feeling all blissed out and soft, soothed and healed. I have been given some samples of products to try (Epicuren, no less which is serious stuff) and am happy to have found a sunscreen that doesn't seem to irritate me. It's the little things.

The mineral water here is so pure and delicious you can drink it right out of the tap. Can you imagine? They give you a pitcher filled with this oh so delicious water, complete with lemon slices, upon arrival and refill it for you as needed. It's nothing but fresh healing water all the time.


We've stocked our refrigerator with goodies from the Vons nearby and our little kitchen has all the things we need complete with simple and organic looking dishes from West Elm, cookware, utensils, a great little tea kettle, toaster and coffee maker.. There are simple baskets to throw your things in tucked artfully under tables and cotton waffle robes and slippers to wander about in. Me? I'm living in nothing more than a bikini and a sarong. As it should be...

Oh, and the weather? Perfect. Breezy, not too hot and sunny. It just doesn't get any better than this.


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