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Karuna Yoga Teacher Training

Two months ago I made the commitment to immerse myself in another full fledged yoga teacher training. I mean seven full weeks of Hatha and Kundalini yoga training with nothing but all yoga, all the time. I'm talking daily home practice, weekly classes at the studio, and hours upon hours of lecture, teaching one another and discussion. That's right: I invested in me!

It has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made for myself.

Though I am trained in Anusara Yoga and Restorative Yoga I have felt for some time that something has been missing. While I love many aspects of Anusara Yoga and am grateful for the solid foundation that it has given me, I have been missing a softer kind of yoga, something that I feel is more in keeping with my Restorative Yoga teaching.

I set out a while back to bring something new into the mix as I have wanted to create soothing asana classes that I know are needed in today's fast paced world. I ended my search for another teacher training when I found Kelly Wood and Karuna Yoga here in Los Angeles. I signed up a few days later.

I have found during this training that I took in more than I did with my first asana yoga training as we were a very small group which made things very intimate and nurturing. There were only nine of us which I loved. This training was also not about teaching only one style of yoga which I found made it more relatable and accessible. Kelly is lovely and her combined experience as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and a Hatha Yoga teacher really brings something rich and full to the table. Her experience as a dancer adds something wonderfully graceful to the teachings as well. She's also incredibly intelligent. I like my women smart!

Her Yoga Dance class happens to be my all time favorite yoga class - ever.

After two incredibly full months of training I turned in my final exam this past Saturday. It was 12 pages typed and felt like gold in my hands. The feeling of completing this journey was so empowering. The love and connection this small group of yogis shared was profound and beautiful. We came together with our own life stories, issues and convictions and left with one shared story of this time together. I hold a special place in my heart for each of these shining creatures. I am forever humbled by them.

I've done many teacher trainings now and I will say that this was more than a yoga training. It was a life altering experience. I am facing things that I have long run from and in doing so I can feel my feet more solidly on the ground. Each day feels a bit different. I feel more settled in my skin.

Who doesn't need a little bit more of that in their lives?

Kelly herself is a complex creature. Very beautiful and centered and yet so clearly real and flawed like the rest of us. This makes her a very present teacher. The more I get to know her the more I respect and care for her. My gratitude to her for creating such a supportive space where I have found my feet and felt safe in expanding my work as a teacher and healer.


If you are looking for a yoga teacher training here in Los Angeles that is small and feels very grassroots and grounding, I highly recommend Karuna Yoga and Kelly Wood. It's not just a Yoga training, it's a life experience.

Live life. Love fully. Savor anything and everything delicious.

Namaste & Sat Nam...


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reading this makes me want to sit and talk to you about it. sounds fascinating. I wish I could have you as a teacher!

Kathy :

Diana, I'd love nothing more than to sit with you and talk about my training and all that I've learned over a nice bottle of wine! And I would be honored to be your yoga teacher. When I finally get back to Italy to visit we can take some time for yoga, meditation and mantra. Then we play!

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